About Us

Founded in 2005, the Australian Institute of Employment Rights (AIER) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that works in the public interest to promote the recognition and implementation of the rights of employers and workers in a cooperative industrial relations framework.

AIER is independent of government or any particular interest group.  It is governed by some of Australia’s finest and most respected experts in industrial law and relations, including employers, employees, unions, academics and lawyers, who collaborate to promote positive work relationships. The governance structure of the Institute is based on the principle of tripartite representation of employees, employers and independent persons, as exemplified by the International Labour Organization of the United Nations.

AIER’s voice is unique. It is the only organisation in Australia dedicated to creating a space where workers, employers, unionists, lawyers and academics come together to reach a consensus on how our workplaces should be regulated, the cultures and practices that should be fostered, and to identify the mechanisms that will assist in making these cultures and practices a reality.

Informed by its panel of experts, AIER works in a variety of ways – from the theoretical to the practical – to instigate, advocate and implement substantive, positive change.

At the heart of AIER’s work and philosophy is its Australian Charter of Employment Rights, a simply expressed blueprint that defines and articulates the rights of employers and workers by identifying the fundamental principles on which fair and balanced workplace laws and relationships should be based.  The result of extensive research drawing upon a range of international and uniquely Australian sources, the Charter is a template of rights and obligations that all workplaces are encouraged to adopt and observe and upon which any legislative system of industrial relations should be based.  It has received widespread public support.