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2017 Ron McCallum Debate

The 2017 Ron McCallum Debate is being held on Wednesday 25 October in Sydney. Join a great panel of speakers discussing and debating “The system is broken. What is the fix?”

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Submission to Modern Slavery Act Inquiry

AIER’s submission to the Inquiry into a Modern Slavery Act for Australia. While the complexity and length of supply chains is a challenge for developing effective regulations, it cannot be an excuse for inaction. Australia can and should implement robust laws to eradicate human rights abuses in supply chains.

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UBI and the Future of Work

AIER’s Executive Director, Clare Ozich, contributed to a recently released report, “Can Less Work Be More Fair? A discussion paper on Universal Basic Income and shorter working week”. Clare’s essay considers the potential for reconsidering our relationship to work.

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Climate and work

Climate change will profoundly change our workplaces and the way we work. The impacts of mitigating and adapting to climate change are already being felt by workers throughout the economy. How can workers and unions respond?

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Workers’ rights for campaigners

Clare Ozich from Australian Institute of Employment Rights and Jake Wishart from the Media Entertainment Arts Alliance presented a session for the Melbourne Campaigners’ Network on workers’ rights for campaigners.

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The AIER's AGM for 2016 will be held on Thursday 10 November from 4pm. See the attached documents for details. 2016 AGM Notice of Meeting 2016 AGM Agenda 2015 AGM Minutes

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Media Alert – 2016 Ron McCallum Debate

Rising inequality and growing insecure work are two key challenges of our time. The decline of economically secure, standard working arrangements is a world-wide trend with social, economic and political consequences.

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Inequality and Insecurity

A free public event, the 2016 Ron McCallum Debate will be held on Thursday 29 September from 4pm at the four Seasons hotel in Sydney. RSVP now at

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The 6th Annual Ron McCallum Debate: Save the Date


Thursday 29 September, 
4pm – 6pm

 at the Four Seasons Hotel
, 199 George Street, Sydney

The 6th Annual Ron McCallum Debate will explore the implications of insecure and precarious work, in all its different forms, for workers, for business and for our society.

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Democracy, power and work

Freedom of association and workplace democracy are key rights that need to be revitalised if we are to address growing wealth and income inequality, argues AIER’s Executive Director in this address to the International Employment Relations Association conference.

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Election 2016: Update

Since AIER released our election analysis last week there have been some further relevant announcements on workplace related issues. These announcements confirm our conclusions that a Coalition government would shift workplace regulation further away from the principles espoused in the Charter of Employment Rights, while the policies of Labor and the Greens better reflect the Charter principles.

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Penalty Rates: who is to protect them and how

One of the more interesting workplace issues to get an airing in the election campaign has been the contest between Labor and the Greens on penalty rates. What minimum standards should be set by the Parliament and which by the Commission? What is and should be the relationship between independent bodies like the Fair Work Commission and our democratic institutions?

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Political parties failing to deliver on employment rights

The Australian Institute of Employment Rights has today released its 2016 election analysis. Using the Australian Charter of Employment Rights to assess the industrial relations policies of the Coalition, Labor and the Greens, the AIER concludes none of the major parties is offering any substantial policies to address key issues.

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Election 2016: Policy versus the Charter

In the 2016 election campaign, AIER is using the Australian Charter of Employment Rights to assess the workplace relations policies for the three major parties. To what extent is any political party prepared to improve our workplace regulations in line with the Charter?

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