Donor Organisations

The core activities of the Australian Institute of Employment Rights (AIER) are funded solely through membership subscriptions and philanthropic donations.   To become a member click here.  To become a donor, please contact AIER.

The following organisations through their generous donations of funds and in-kind support make AIER’s work possible:

Harmers Workplace Lawyers
National Union of Workers
Australian Education Union
Civil Air Operations
Australian Manufacturing Workers Union
Australian Services Union


AIER partners with organisations where there is a shared common interest and where working together can further the objects of AIER.  Previous partners include:

Teacher Learning Network
Investors in People Australia New Zealand

Our Big Sister!

The establishment of AIER was inspired by the work of the Institute of Employment Rights (UK).  Established in 1989, the IER continues to inspire and motivate our work.  Whilst fundamentally different organisations in approach and makeup both AIER and IER remain committed to a shared vision of promoting fundamental workplace rights.