Education, Training and Advocacy

The Australian Institute of Employment Rights (AIER) is an educator, trainer and advocate of workplace rights and responsibilities and the principles underpinning our system.

The Institute connects with government, businesses, unions, employer groups, educational institutions and students, the media and the general public.

By focussing on core principles and values that promote positive workplace relationships, AIER challenges bad workplace culture and endorses and promotes good culture.

A key focus of AIER’s work is educating young workers, starting in work for the first time, about their workplace rights and responsibilities.

Workplace Improvement Assessments

AIER can assist organisations to assess and improve the health of their workplace culture.  Using the Australian Charter of Employment Rights and the accompanying Australian Standard of Employment Rights, a comprehensive review of an organisation’s culture can be achieved.  Organisations and their workers are encouraged to carry out a preliminary self-assessment checklist.  The AIER can then discuss practical advice regarding improvements and compliance concerns.  For further information contact AIER.

In addition, AIER has collaborated with Investors in People Australia New Zealand through the e2 initiative to provide organisations with an assessment against the international Investors in People Standard and the Australian Charter of Employment Rights (see below).

Schools and Universities

AIER is a source for authoritative, expert advice and information on workplace rights and responsibilities to educational institutions.  The Institute regularly presents lectures at educational institutions around Australia.   AIER published material, such as its Australian Charter of Employment Rights and schools resource WorkRight! (see below), are foundation resources being used in Australian universities and schools.


AIER regularly publishes a variety of papers, practical guides, research reports, opinion pieces and magazines designed to educate, advocate and champion the creation of fair and decent workplaces. These publications feature the work of some of Australia’s leading practitioners, lawyers and academics in the field, and offer access to influential, expert and unique ideas and information written with the public interest in mind.

AIER is often called upon to provide an informed, non-partisan voice by various media outlets.

To access AIER’s variety of published work, go to the Resources section of the website.

Public Events

AIER has held numerous public events aimed at stimulating debate and educating around workplace issues.  The Institute holds a number of public events each year, and since 2007 has staged an annual debate in Sydney.




ethics as an employer x effectiveness as an organisation = employee engagement (e2)

A joint initiative of AIER and Investors in People Australia, e2 is an organisational improvement program that utilises both the Investors in People standard and AIER’s Charter of Employment Rights as the basis for improvements to business performance, behaviour and culture… click here to read more.



WorkRight is a curriculum resource for teaching and learning about workplace rights and responsibilities aimed at teachers, and students in Year 10, 11 and 12.  Produced by AIER in collaboration with the Teacher Learning Network, this resource was commissioned by the Victorian Government… click here to read more.