Legislation and submissions

The Australian Institute of Employment Rights (AIER) offers an authoritative, independent voice on policy issues around workplace rights.  It articulates and advocates for legislative reform that supports fair and decent treatment and positive employment relationships.

AIER approaches this task from a balanced and principled viewpoint, informed by academic, practical and humanitarian insights. Working with its panel of experts who comprise of leading academic, legal and workplace practitioners from across Australia, and representing the voice of workers, employers and the community, AIER has a positive impact on industrial relations legislation and its application in a number of ways.

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Australian Charter of Employment Rights

At the heart of AIER’s work is our Australian Charter of Employment Rights.

The Australian Charter of Employment Rights is a back-to-basics attempt to define the rights of employers and workers by identifying the fundamental principles on which fair, decent and balanced workplace laws and workplace relationships should be based. The Charter is a template of rights and obligations that all workplaces are encouraged to adopt and observe, and upon which any legislative system of industrial relations should be based.

AIER uses the rights and obligations outlined in the Charter as a benchmark and framework by which to examine, assess and debate workplace rights legislation and policy development.  For more information about the Australian Charter of Employment Rights, click here.

Government Submissions

AIER analyses existing workplace rights laws and proposes where they could be improved.  It does this through the creation of submissions, discussion papers, public forums and meetings with representatives of government.  AIER is sought after as an authoritative and balanced source of feedback and input into policy development and legislative reform.



In 2010, AIER appeared before the Full Bench of Fair Work Australia (FWA) in Woolworths Ltd t/as Produce and Recycling Distribution Centres [2010].  AIER was given standing to present its submission regarding the operation of the Fair Work Act and whether the Act requires collective agreements to contain a dispute settlement term that requires final determination via an independent party.  Click here to read more.


In this 2007 submission to the Williams’ Inquiry into Options for a New National Industrial Relations System, AIER argues that for the proposed model to be successful it requires a firm foundation of principles based on state and Commonwealth consensus, and a strong governance model adopted to put in place and maintain national industrial relations laws. Click here to read more.

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