The Debate

Published by the Australian Institute of Employment Rights (AIER), The Debate Magazine is a publication that seeks to advocate, discuss and present contemporary ideas around what constitutes a fair workplace, now, and into the future. The Debate features articles and thinking pieces from leading academics, legal minds, practitioners and experts in the field of workplace relations.

Issue One: Regulating Work Relationships in Australia
October, 2008

Over the next few months the federal government will make decisions about the regulation of our work relationships that will shape how workers and employers think, feel and relate to one another.

This premier issue of The Debate explores the gaps that need to be filled in the Rudd Government’s Forward with Fairness regime, and includes contributions from Professor Ron McCallum, Professor Marilyn Pittard, Professor Joellen Riley, Mordy Bromberg SC, Mark Irving and Anne Gooley. Click here to read more.

Issue Two: Good Faith and the Employment Relationship
April, 2009

Good faith is a well-established concept in many legal systems throughout the western world, yet in Australia some employment-law practitioners remain sceptical about its place in employment relationships and have difficulty applying it in practice.

The second edition of The Debate features articles by Professor Ron McCallum (Sydney University), Professor Marilyn Pittard (Monash University), Professor Joellen Riley (UNSW), and Mordy Bromberg SC, and explores good faith and its important place in the Australian workplace. Click here to read more.

Issue Three: Current Controversies
November, 2012

“Current controversies will always exist. Our mandate at AIER is always to try to find common ground between employers and employees, in an effort to create decent work and workplaces for all”
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