The AIER has built up a wealth of resources over the past decade. Our primary resource is the Australian Charter of Employment Rights which guides our work. The Charter, along with the Australian Standard of Employment Rights, sets out a human rights-based approach to workplace relations. Our latest publication, Employment Rights Now, evaluates the current workplace relations system using the Charter principles.

Other useful resources available include the WorkRight project, an innovative curriculum resource for teaching about workplace rights and responsibilities; papers and presentations we have written on various topics; and The Debate magazine published from 2009 to 2012.

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The Charter is a blueprint for achieving fair and decent work. Consisting of ten principles fundamental to respecting the rights of workers and employers, the Charter is an essential resource for anyone interested in the regulation of work.

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The Standard is a How-To-Guide on applying the Charter principles. Providing practical advice to workers and employers alike, it sets builds on the Charter to make fair and decent work a reality.

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The AIER’s latest book is a reflection on the Australian Charter of Employment Rights. It provides a critical look at the state of workplace relations today through the lens of the Charter.