The Australian Institute of Employment Rights (AIER) President and prominent barrister Mordy Bromberg SC sees Labour’s new workplace policy, Forward With Fairness, as an important shift towards establishing internationally recognised workplace rights in the Australian workplace.

“We are pleased to see that the new Labuor policy – ‘Forward with Fairness’ –  is founded on identifying and giving effect to workplace rights of employers and employees. This is an important shift in Australia’s industrial relations landscape, a shift that AIER has been arguing for since its inception. The rights-based approach respects our historical traditions whilst at the same time carving out a modern framework based on internationally recognised workplace rights,” said Mr Bromberg.

The Australian Institute of Employment Rights, an independent think tank on employment matters, was established to promote a rights-based approach to employment relationships. To further this approach AIER has developed a Charter of Employment Rights which is currently being circulated for public comment.

“We have circulated the AIER Charter widely and the feedback we have received suggests that the rights-based approach is an idea that the Australian community is ready for,” said Mr Bromberg. “AIER is encouraged by the fact that the ALP policy appears to have recognised most of the key rights which form part of AIER’s Charter of Employment Rights but we will reserve judgement until we have seen the detail. When AIER has completed its public consultations about the Charter, it will critique the policies of all the parties against the Charter.

“AIER would like to see a commitment from all parties to incorporate a Charter of Employment Rights into legislation,” Mr Bromberg continued. “Our aim is for Australia to settle upon an appropriate Charter of Rights and stop playing political football with workplace relations. This is necessary if we are to develop real workplace cooperation and efficiency based on fair standards and is essential to encourage investment. Everyone is sick and tired of the uncertainty and never-ending turmoil around workplace laws,” said Mr Bromberg.

AIER’s Charter of Employment Rights is available here. The Charter was developed by a panel of experts comprised of some of Australia’s leading academics, lawyers, barristers and HR practitioners. AIER’s governing body includes employers, employee representatives, lawyers and academics.

For further comment contact AIER President Mordy Bromberg SC on 03 9225 8343 or 0412 259100 or AIER Executive Director Lisa Heap on 0418 996 354.