Justice at Work: Are We Achieving It? Can the System Deliver It?

Presented by the Australian Institute of Employment Rights, this year’s debate will celebrate the work of Emeritus Professor Ron McCallum – Senior Australian of the Year 2011 and AIER Patron.  The debate will feature a special presentation by former member of the High Court, Justice Michael Kirby, and will be chaired by one of Australia’s most esteemed journalists, Jana Wendt.

DATE AND TIME:  22 June, 2011: 4pm to 6pm
VENUE: Wesley Theatre, Wesley Convention Centre, 220 Pitt Street, Sydney

For many years, Professor Ron McCallum has been working to promote an understanding of labour law informed by the need to achieve a fair and just system of workplace regulation and practice.  Central to Professor McCallum’s work has been his theory of workers as ‘industrial citizens’ and the need for workplace to embrace this citizenship with processes that engage workers and allow them to participate democratically.

This debate will explore these themes in Professor McCallum’s work and ask:  Should we be seeking justice at work? What does justice look like? Does the system promote just outcomes? How does the system need to change?  What impact does work culture have on the experience of justice at work?

The Ron McCallum Debate Flyer