The Australian Institute of Employment Rights (AIER) collaborated with the Teacher Learning Network (TLN) to produce WorkRight, an innovative curriculum resource for teaching about workplace rights and responsibilities.

Commissioned by the Victorian Government the resource is designed and written to be used by all teachers working with students in Year 10 or at Levels 5 and 6 of VELS.  The package has a comprehensive, carefully sequenced and practical set of activities designed for all teachers to use across the curriculum, as well as extensive resources and references for referral to augment the knowledge and skill base of teachers.

WorkRight is centred on ten themes that young people themselves have identified as critical areas for ensuring a ‘fair go for all’ in the workplace.

These ten themes are:

  1. Everyone should have a fair go at work
  2. Everyone has a right to be treated with dignity
  3. Discrimination and harassment are against the law
  4. Everyone has a right to a safe and healthy workplace
  5. Everyone should get a say about the things that affect them
  6. You should always be able to ask someone to speak on your behalf
  7. No one should be asked to leave without a fair reason
  8. Everyone is entitled to fair basic conditions
  9. You (or your) representative should be allowed to bargain for a fairer deal
  10. Disputes should be resolved quickly and fairly

WorkRight includes a comprehensive curriculum resource, a teacher reference resource, and a student take home resource.  Web 2.0 applications including dedicated website,  I-Pad Teacher Resource app and I-Phone/Smartphone student apps will be available early August 2011.

Colour print quality copies of the resources are available on order from the Teacher Learning Network (TLN) 03 9418 4992 or

Workright Curriculum Resource

Workright Teacher Resource

Workright Student Resource

Workright Summary