AIER is proud to announce that it has been commissioned to provide the research secretariat for a new Inquiry investigating the complexities of work for WA school Principals and Deputies.

The State School Teachers Union of Western Australia [SSTUWA] has asked a Panel of independent experts and AIER to investigate and report on the impact of changes in the education system and the community on the duties, responsibilities and complexity of work of Principals and Deputies in WA public schools.

The Inquiry, headed by Fran Hinton former Chief Executive of the ACT Department of Education and of Teaching Australia, will examine key issues such as

1. Changed complexities of the work performed
2. Changed expectations of Principals and Deputies in last 20 years
3. Changed duties of Principals and Deputies
4. Adequacy or otherwise of current systems of support
5. Attracting and retaining experienced and skilled Principals and Deputies
6. Workplace conditions of Principals and Deputies.

The AIER team will be support the Panel of experts and undertake an investigation of the relevant published research in the area.

AIER Executive Director, Lisa Heap said

This will be the first detailed examination of the work of these vital roles since 1991. The outcomes from the Inquiry are likely therefore to be of significant public interest. The SSSTUWA is to be congratulated on their commitment to engaging the public and community in this discussion and for using a rigorous research based approach to the formulation of their policy initiatives in this area.

Details of the Inquiry are available from

Members of the public, parents and in particular academics with an interest in the area are particularly encouraged to make submission or attend the public forums.

Media comment: Lisa Heap, AIER Executive Director 0418 996 354.