Research +Action @ AIER is now available to assist you to develop evidence based policy, practice and action to meet your goals.

The Australian Institute of Employment Rights (AIER) is Australia’s only independent think tank specialising in work rights and responsibilities, workplace law, industrial relations and workplace culture.

Since 2005 AIER has been an influential voice providing commentary and analysis regarding workplace law, policy and practice.

Our seminal work – The Australian Charter of Employment Rights – has become the authoritative benchmark for assessing what’s fair in Australian workplaces.

Our team of expert advisors, researchers, analysts and writers is now available to you for commissioned works.

Our expertise is diverse

Research +Action @AIER can provide

Research and data analysis at industry, occupation or workplace level

Literature scans

Stakeholder consultation

Group consultation/public forum facilitation

Report/submission writing

Survey development and analysis


We use advanced data capture and analysis software that can harness input from a variety of sources –  individuals, groups, organisations and academic literature- identifying  themes and recommendations for action.

Our team is thorough, professional and responsive

The Research+ Action @AIER team has a combined experience of over  100 years advising unions, community organisations, business and government s about workplace law, policy and practice.

Our cost structure is responsive to your needs and your means

Our approach and cost structure makes Research+Action @ AIER a viable option for business, community organisations and unions.

We can tailor a project to meet your goals and means. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your project.

For more information contact us via email