2016 will be an exciting year for the Australian Institute of Employment Rights. The reports from the Productivity Commission Inquiry and the Trade Union Royal Commission have set the scene for the workplace to be a key political battleground in the upcoming election.

As a workplace relations focused organisation based on human rights principles, AIER brings a unique perspective to the public debate on industrial relations and we will continue to promote fair and decent workplaces.

We are looking to building on our work last year into 2016, particularly in relation to the consequences of the changing nature of work and the erosion of rights such as freedom of association. On these issues and others, some of the work we did in 2015 includes:

The AIER continues to grow, attracting new members and supporters, and building a media profile. We are looking forward to continuing our work in 2016.

If you value an independent voice in the industrial relations debate grounded in human rights principles, become a member of the AIER and help us to promote fair and decent workplaces for all.