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The Australian Institute of Employment Rights today released its Discussion Paper, Inequality and Insecurity: Responding to the challenge of precarious work, ahead of the 2016 Ron McCallum Debate.

The connected challenges of growing economic inequality and increasing insecurity of work have significant social, economic and political consequences.

To reverse the trends of precarious work and economic insecurity, the AIER contends Australia needs:

  • improved workplace regulation providing a wider range of employment rights for all workers;
  • to re-set the currently restrictive framework for collective action by workers;
  • to re-think the State’s role in providing economic security in a future where there are no longer enough decent jobs; and
  • leadership by business and government that places people over profit and commits to creating decent work.”

Business is also facing disruption and the race-to-the-bottom inherent in shifting to insecure forms of employment does not bode well for a prosperous and secure business community.

Insecure and precarious work in Australia needs to be addressed in a just, fair and effective manner to minimise the damage to individuals, their families and society.

Download Inequality and Insecurity – 2016 Ron McCallum Debate Discussion Paper

Ron McCallum Debate
Thursday 29 September, 4 – 6pm
Four Seasons Hotel, 199 George Street, Sydney
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