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Ep.#1. The Machine as Boss

Work Matters. The AIER Podcast

We kick off our podcast series with The Machine as Boss: Regulating the Gig Economy and Algorithmic Management.

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Increasingly, both the assignment of work and supervision of work tasks is being handled by algorithms; by digital machines.

In this episode, we look at the dark side of the gig economy “the last frontier of labour exploitation“, as our guest, Emanuele Menegatti, Full Professor of Labour Law, Bologna University, describes it. Why are digital gig workers not covered by our system of workplace rights? Are there ways to bring them into the system?

Secondly, we discuss the emerging issue of algorithmic management with Victor Bernhardtz, Ombudsman for Digital Labour Markets at Unionen, Sweden. What can we expect from The Machine as Boss in and beyond the gig economy?

Middle photo by John Cameron on Unsplash. Podcast featuring music by Forbes Hawkins and Epidemic Sound.


Senate Inquiry on Job Security – A Senate Select Committee is currently conducting an inquiry on job security. The terms of reference include the extent and nature of insecure and precarious work in Australia, the impact of Covid-19 on such work and related issues. Submissions close 31 March 2021 and the AIER will be making a submission.

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