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23 March 2020 – AIER News

Workers Rights in (a time of) Crisis

Lock-down Entertainment; Workers Rights in (a time of) Crisis; COVID-19 Employment Issues: A ready reckoner for Australian Workers; Get Involved!

28 February 2020 – AIER News

New Year, New Wage Theft, Old Bill

New Year, New Wage Theft, Old Bill; AIER 2019 AGM & 2020 Executive Committee; New Committee Member; Get Involved!

13 September 2019 – AIER News – Ron McCallum Debate 2019; Focus on Ensuring Integrity Bill – Regulation: one size does not fit all; Ensuring Integrity Bill is about one thing: curtailing union power; NTEU Symposium; AIER In Print – ICTUR Journal; Get Involved!

26 July 2019 – AIER News

Ensuring Integrity Bill violates rule of law and freedom of association; Key ‘take-out’ of the Calombaris scandal; Ron McCallum Debate: Save the date; Fair Australia prize; Get involved!

18 June 2019 – Anthony Forsyth Joins AIER Executive

Anthony Forsyth joins AIER Executive; Contract law, religious discrimination and Israel Folau; Fair Work Ombudsman finds Uber drivers are contractors; Ron McCallum Book Launch; June Membership Offer; Get Social!

5 March 2019 – AIER News

Regulating the Gig-Economy; Congratulations Queensland; Addressing Sexual Harassment at Work

8 March 2019 – International Women’s Day 2019

International women’s day 2019

12 October 2018 – Ron McCallum Debate Wrap Up

2018 Ron McCallum Debate Wrap up; The debate on Foxtel; Get Involved!

17 September 2018 – AIER News

Ensuring Integrity Bill Threatens Integrity of the System; 2018 Ron McCallum Debate; Get Involved!

4 May 2018 – AIER News

The system is broken, what’s the fix?

23 November 2017 – AIER News

McCallum Debate wrap up: fixing the broken system; AIER 2017 AGM; What’s going on?; Become a member

20 June 2017 – AIER News

Fair work in progressive organisations; A new workplace relations architecture; A slavery Act for Australia; AIER at NexGen; Become a member today

30 November 2019 – AIER News

Ensuring Integrity Bill Defeated!

Ensuring Integrity Bill defeated; Join now

24 May 2019 – Post-election Workplace Relations: What Now?

Post-election Workplace Relations: What Now?; Vale, Bob Hawke; Ron McCallum Book Launch; June Membership Offer; Get Social!

4 October 2018 – AIER News

Just Announced: John Hendy QC to Join 2018 Ron McCallum Debate

26 March 2018 – AIER News

Wither wages?

2017 Ron McCallum Debate: The system is broken. What’s the fix?

30 March 2017 – AIER News

Fixing what is broken; Follow us on Social; Employment Rights Now; Become a member today

1 December 2016 – AIER News

Workers’ rights for campaigners; Climate and work; Aier AGM

16 June 2019 – AIER News

Employment rights and the election; Fair Australia prize; Working revolutions, revolutionising work

13 November 2019 – AIER News

7 Good Reasons to say NO to the Ensuring Integrity Bill; AIER AGM today; Ron McCallum Debate Wrap-up

30 October 2019 – AIER News

Ron McCallum Debate 2019; The Ensuring Integrity Bill and the chimera of ‘regulating unions just like companies’; AIER AGM; The Fair Work Ombudsman’s ‘contrition payment’ approach to wage theft is just not cutting it; Hart Publishing Discount offers; Get Involved!

7 May 2019 – 2019 Federal Election

2019 Federal Election: What’s Proposed for Workplace Relations; Connect with AIER; Get Involved!

29 October 2018 – AIER News

Billion Dollar Migrant Worker Exploitation; Why the Disability Service Sector Needs Industry Bargaining; Get Involved!

2 October 2018 – AIER News

2018 Ron McCallum Debate – Discussion Paper Released; Proposed ‘perma-fexi’ category increases complexity and perpetuates inequality

9/7/18 – New Executive Director appointed to the AIER

19 December 2017 – AIER News

Wither unions?; Exciting Opportunity at AIER; Happy Holidays!; Become a member

11 October 2017 – AIER News

AIER at the IRSQ Convention; 2017 McCallum Debate; AIER talking about Channel 7’s workplace culture; Become a member

06 March 2017 – AIER News

The Penalty Rates Decision; What we’re reading; Employment Rights Now; The Future of Trade Unions

13 October 2016 – AIER News

2016 Ron McCallum Debate: Inequality and Insecurity; There is always another way; Young workers conference

22 March 2016 – AIER News

Employment rights and the election; AIER on Facebook; Workplace democracy; Young workers centre; Workers rights and the UK vote on Europe