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Post-election Workplace Relations: What Now?

Nearly one week on from the Coalition Government’s ‘miracle’ election win the Australian labour movement is asking itself what went wrong. This time around Australia did not vote to change the rules, perhaps some hesitancy might be attributed to the lack of detail around industry level bargaining, perhaps the ALP policy suite was too broad to be fully grasped, perhaps $55 million dollars directed at polarising the electorate is depressingly effective.

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Watch the 2018 Ron McCallum Debate

The 2018 Ron McCallum Debate topic was Collective Bargaining: Delivering in the public interest? Watch our panel explore the state of enterprise bargaining and discuss the form of collective bargaining into the future. Read our summary of the debate and download our discussion paper.

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Ron McCallum Debate 2018

Collective Bargaining: Delivering for the public interest? Enterprise bargaining under the Fair Work Act 2009 is failing. Agreements under our system may be reached without the involvement of trade unions and absent any actual process of bargaining. The number of...

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Some thoughts on HILDA and gig economy workers

Last week the Melbourne Institute released its Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey finding no evidence of a rise in the use of independent workers, prompting commentary that the ‘gig economy is a myth’. One interesting aspect of this finding is the Survey’s ready equation of gig economy workers with the solo self-employed.

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New Executive Director appointed to the AIER

The Australian Institute of Employment Rights is delighted to announce the appointment of Renee Burns to the role of Executive Director. Renee has a background working in human resources and industrial relations for local government and private sector employers and is...

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Whither unionism?

AIER Board Member Keith Harvey asks what happened to the union movement and what needs to be done to reverse the decline of unionism.

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The Australian Institute of Employment Rights held its Annual General Meeting on Thursday 9 November 2017. Thank you to all our members and supporters for the support you have shown for our work over the past year. Read all about it int our Year in Review report.

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2017 Ron McCallum Debate: summary

The 2017 Ron McCallum Debate provided an excellent and robust discussion on the current failings of the workplace relations system and proposals to fix it. Our amazing panel covered a whole range of issues in the course of the event. If you missed it, read our summary or watch the Debate

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AIER at the IRSQ Convention

AIER recently attended the Industrial Relations Society of Queensland’s annual convention. The theme was “Back to the Future”.

Our presentation included the AIER’s analysis of why the system is broken and an outline of our ambitious project to envisage a new workplace relations architecture.

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