A New Workplace Relations Architecture

Australia’s workplace laws are not working. The system is failing to provide a fair go for people who work and those seeking work. Along with the rest of world we are facing profound and rapid changes in the way we work and our industrial laws are just not keeping up, leaving people struggling.

The AIER is embarking on an ambitious project to develop a new workplace relations architecture. Ours is a bold project to that will look to reconfigure industrial relations, human rights and health and safety laws and regulations. We will take a back to basic approach applying the principles of the Australian Charter of Employment Rights to re-imagine a workplace relations system that provides a fair go all round and respects the humanity of all people involved in work.

Our Project Plan outlines the challenges currently confronting the world of work and reminds us of the reasons why as a society we need a workplace relations system.  How we regulate work is key to a fair distribution of economic resources and investment. The inherent power imbalance between employers and workers requires regulation to ensure a fair go all round.

The project will consist of five Modules expanding on key elements of the new architecture:

  • Overarching rights and obligations;
  • Minimum standards;
  • Workplace democracy:
  • Specific IR, human rights and OHS regulation; and
  • Access to justice.

Read the Project Plan 

AIER will progressively develop papers on each of the five modules to promote constructive discussion on what a back to basics workplace relations system could look like. The papers on each of the modules will be published here.